This page contains general QuickTime movies that don't fit into the other categories. Some are from The Lion King II - Simba's Pride, some are from live events, and some are from the Laser Disc boxed set from the first movie.

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American Express
Starring Julie Taymor, this American Express card commercial shows some snapshots of The Lion King Broadway Musical, as well as some other stuff Julie Taymor has done in the past. Nice commercial.


1.4 MB 30 Seconds

Be Prepared
In the finished version of the movie, Scar gives his eulogy for the Mufasa and Simba, and then introduces the hyenas. In this early version of that scene, he waits until his leadership is challenged by a lioness before introducing the hyenas with this different verse of Be Prepared.


981 K 1:17 Minutes

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
This version was cut from the original movie. Many consider it superior to the version that's there now (myself included).

This movie will play on most low-end computers, and maybe even 486-class computers. It is not as hardware-demanding as the other clips on this site.

1.4 MB 3:11 Minutes

Circle of Life
Performed live by Lebo M., this is one of the best versions of Circle of Life I've ever heard. It also features Ladysmith Black Mombazo for backup lyrics.
10.5 MB 3:12 Minutes

Circle of Life (International Version)
The first theatrical movie trailer for The Lion King was actually the song Circle of Life, in its entirety. This movie also features Circle of Life sung in eleven different languages, for a few seconds each language.


11 MB 4:21 Minutes

Focus on Simba's Pride
This is one of the "shorts" featured on the Disney Channel around the time of Simba's Pride's release. It features a few brief interviews with characters doing the voices for the movie.
3.1 MB 1:12 Minutes

Timon's Verse
Timon originally had a verse to Hakuna Matata, which some may remember from the Lion King comic book. This is the version as it was cut out of the film, in storyboard format (like the CYFTLT cut version above).


676 K
(0.7 MB)
1:40 Minutes

Rosie's Joke
Rosie O'Donnell shared this joke during the Tony Awards of 1998.
776 K
(0.7 MB)
56 Seconds

Storyboard Walkthrough
A step-by-step visual walkthrough of the Reflecting Pool scene as presented in storyboard format, with the scenes described by the directors of The Lion King.


5.3 MB
2:22 Minutes

The Lion King Movie Trailer
This is virtually the same movie trailer that's up on Disney's site (or was) but this one is of much higher quality.
7.1 MB
2:25 Minutes

The Lion King II - Simba's Pride Movie Trailer
The movie trailer for The Lion King II - Simba's Pride. Featured from The Lady and the Tramp re-release.
3.7 MB
1:23 Minutes

The Lion King II TV Commercial
The TV Commercial for The Lion King II - Simba's Pride. Kind of... lame. Shows nothing from the movie.


1.4 MB
30 Seconds

We Are One
A live version of We Are One as sung by Kimberly Scott.
8.1 MB
2:29 Minutes

All Your Base are Belong To Us
And now for something completely different... <snickers>

News report seen on FOX News, March 11, 2001.


5 MB
2:10 Minutes

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