These are a few of the movies that were shown on "Launching the Tony Awards". They're mostly informative clips with interviews, actual footage, and behind-the-scenes clips.

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The Choreography
Choreographer Garth Fagan and composer Lebo M. worked together to provide a unique atmosphere to the choreography.
5.8 MB 1:57 Minutes

The Costumes
Costume designer Julie Taymor explains some of the basics to the costume design she created as well as some of the interesting mechanical aspects of the masks and other parts of the actors' costumes.
3.3 MB 1:07 Minutes

The Editing
Julie Taymor gives some insight to the editing process and its importance in making a successful and interesting play.
0.8 MB
(831 K)
16 Seconds

The Lighting
Lighting Designer Donald Holder explains briefly the aspects of good lighting and how it provides incredible depth and atmosphere to the play.
2.2 MB 44 Seconds

The Scenery
Scenery Designer Richard Hudson explains the essentials of good scenery and Director Julie Taymor and Richard Hudson explains how good scenery made the Stampede Scene "work" on a stage.
3.3 MB 1:06 Minutes

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